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Dr Gubbi'S House Of Justice established by Dr Gubbi S Subba Rao - Founder, is a House of leading Legal luminaries with a battery of Lawyers and Company Secretaries. The House advises as counselors and also handles litigation matters in Local Indian Laws and Private International Laws .

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The House Of Justice Practices in the following fields: 

1. Local Indian Laws : Property Litigation , Company Law and Allied Corporate Laws , Industrial and Labour laws ,Indirect taxation , Medical Negligence and Composition , Criminal Laws , Civil Laws , Debt Recovery , Family Laws ,

Mediation and Arbitration on Family matters , Others 

2.Private International Laws :

2A. NRI - Family and Property matters : Petition , Execution of foreign Decrees in India , Indian Decrees in foreign Countries . Divorce between NRI and INDIAN , Foreigner and Indian and Financial Disputes Involving Property in India or Overseas ;Alimony , Child Custody , Visitation Rights Etc

 In International trade and commercial disputes :  

2B.Cross Border Disputes , Litigation before courts of law abroad 

2C. International mediation and Arbitration 

2D. Enforcement of international judgement/Decrees both in India and Abroad 

2E. Debt Recovery including advising on efficient methods of securing payment by debtors how are overseas and tracing of assets 

2F. Building and Property clients on property developers and investors arising out of property purchases and sales in India or Abroad 

2G. Personal Injury - Claims out of accidents overseas , Representation

2H. Corporate litigation 

2I. Shipping and Yachting Disputes

2J. International Commercial and Shipping Arbitration 


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